The 2nd Annual SCIFI Gaineville Film Fest. The best short sci-fi in the world comes to North Florida. Feb. 25th and 26th, 2022

Our 48 hour comp has screened over 150 local films!
Can you create a cinematic masterpiece in 48 hours? 

2022 Competition:
Mystery comedy
Prop: Salt or a salt shaker
Line: “In fact the double negative has led to proof positive.” Wadsworth - Tim Curry / Clue 1985

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Gainesville 48 Hour Film Competition

Now in our 10th year!  Can you make a 5 minute cinematic masterpiece in 48 hours?  View past films here.

Feb 4th-7th / Screening Feb 24th, 2022

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SciFi Gainesville
Feb. 25th-26th, 2022

We aim to bring the best local, national and internations short SciFi films to Gainesville!  Special awards for Florida and Female filmmakers.

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Production in Gainesville

Springs, nature, colleges and a charming community, its all here!  Need a crew or location? Or maybe editing and VFX?  We can help.
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With over 25 years of filmmaking and design experience, we want to show that Gainesville has amazing and talented filmmakers!

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